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CT lets you see in 3-D

“CAT” or CT stands for computed tomography and is an advanced way to look inside any part of your body to get a more complete picture in order to accurately diagnose a condition. As CT scans your body, pictures are taken in equally spaced sections, similar to how you would slice a loaf of bread. These images are then combined, providing your radiologist with a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the body part scanned. A conventional CT scan takes pictures of thin, 3-5 mm sections of the body. Pavilion Imaging's spiral, or helical CT scan takes continuous pictures of the body in a spiral motion, preventing gaps in the pictures – or data – collected. Additionally, the image slices can be made thinner than in traditional CAT scans providing more accurate and complete data for your doctor.

CT imaging is a useful diagnostic imaging tool because it can show several types of tissue - lung, bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels - with great clarity. Using these cross-sectional images and a radiologist's expertise to interpret CT scans, we are able to diagnose problems and diseases earlier, and with greater accuracy.

CT imaging helps eliminate the need for traditional and sometimes painful diagnostic surgeries, treatments, and tests. CT is also fast, refined and completely painless. Radiological imaging provided by Pavilion Imaging's state-of-the art GE LightSpeed® CT scanner can simultaneously capture 16 images of your body sliced as thin as a credit card!

The CT Technologists and our Board Certified Radiologists performing your exams have joined a campaign called "Image Gently".  We take pride in making sure we deliver quality images with the least amount of radiation needed to accomplish the exam.  We have a quality analysis team in place to monitor and reduce pediatric dose.

For more radiology information for patients, please go to www.radiologyinfo.org En Espanol

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